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Blue Lights Digital utilised our services on many occasions to provide them with animations for police training and strategy explanation. Through BLD we provided various police departments throughout the UK with detailed videos on how to use the latest technology available to them as well as in the field digital forensic analysis techniques and best practice.
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Project Crystallise was a new procedural process being brought in by Blue Lights Digital, that was to be explained over 3 videos. As each video would be close to 5 minutes we needed to create something engaging that would keep people focused, for this we decided to go for a more fun approach and went for a more cartoonlike 2D animated visual with some 3D visuals to help run alongside the voiceover. As well as the movies we were responsible for coming up witht he logo for this project.


Blue Lights Digital host an annual awards ceremony, we created an intro video for the ceremony and each of the awards given out.
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